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Category: Latest News
Lalani & Co: LaKyrsiew Edition AV2 Black Tea

Little Gems

We think the best gifts for Christmas are limited editions, expertly crafted, the opposite of mass production. Here are our suggestions for a few such gems this Christmas, to gift or to drink yourself. Enter the code GEMS for 10% […]

Lalani & Co: Hand Rolled Oolong 1st Flush 2020 Tea Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh: A hidden gem

  One of the advantages of specialising in single-batch tea is our ability to bring you exceptional teas whenever we find them. It’s rather like walking into a new whisky distillery and buying a couple of outstanding barrels just because […]

Lalani & Co London: Japanese Tea Gift Case

Where to buy for Christmas 2018

Christmas is almost here. It’s perhaps too late to dispatch from the warehouse but you can still give craft teas as presents this year. Here’s are a few retailers you can visit in London.

Lalani & Co NitroPress Nitro Matcha

The Story of Nitro Matcha

Jameel Lalani talks about the incoming wave of nitro matcha. Nitro matcha is a creative new way of making matcha, which we’re particularly fond of. It’s no secret that we’re tea purists; taking a stand against the addition of m*lk […]

Lalani & Co: Himalayan Moondrops Oolong

An Introduction to Oolongs

As the leaves start falling and Autumn is all around us, it’s a good time to illustrate oolong teas…

Lalani & Co: Rohini Tea Garden

Update from Darjeeling

Darjeeling is having a difficult year. I recall the excellent crop in 2015, tasting though an abundance of high quality 1st flush teas and being excited to find some of the best we’d ever tasted.

Lalani & Co: Okumidori Sencha 2014

A Guide to Kabusecha (Shade-Grown Sencha)

Know your Sencha Shade grown Japanese sencha is extraordinary. It’s the green tea of connoisseurs. If you love good food and fine drinks and have yet to try it, you will thoroughly enjoy it. Below is my brief guide to […]