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Category: Latest News
Dale Harris at the WBC

Victory at the World Barista Championships

Photo: Kim Sangtab, Black Tribe If you’re in the drinks industry, you’ll have heard of Dale Harris (@acousticcoffee). If not, then let us introduce you. Not only is he the Director of Wholesale for the wonderful team at Hasbean Coffee, he […]

Lalani & Co: Himalayan Moondrops Oolong

An Introduction to Oolongs

As the leaves start falling and Autumn is all around us, it’s a good time to illustrate oolong teas…

Lalani & Co: Rohini Tea Garden

Update from Darjeeling

Darjeeling is having a difficult year. I recall the excellent crop in 2015, tasting though an abundance of high quality 1st flush teas and being excited to find some of the best we’d ever tasted.

Lalani & Co: Okumidori Sencha 2014

A Guide to Kabusecha (Shade-Grown Sencha)

Know your Sencha Shade grown Japanese sencha is extraordinary. It’s the green tea of connoisseurs. If you love good food and fine drinks and have yet to try it, you will thoroughly enjoy it. Below is my brief guide to […]

Lalani & Co: Christmas Gifts Yabukita Sencha Tea

Gifts for Christmas

Give unique limited edition gifts with our gift guide to small-batch artisan teas.

Lalani & Co: Jun Chiyabari Garden Plants

Jun Chiyabari Garden Focus

An insight into the Jun Chiyabari garden, in the exciting up-and-coming tea producing country of Nepal.