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Category: Tasting Notes
Lalani & Co: Japanese Kyoto Oolong Tea Garden

Kyoto Oolong

The story and tasting notes of a very unusual Japanese oolong.

Lalani & Co: Gopaldhara 1st Flush 2014 Darjeeling Tea 1

Tasting Notes: Darjeeling 2014

Lalani & Co’s newest team member is Ben Ireson. Studying for his WSET4 diploma, Ben has a sharp palate and knowledge of fine drinks and terroir. Here are his tasting notes on our collection’s Darjeeling 1st Flush 2014.

Lalani & Co: Okumidori Japanese Sencha Tea Leaf

Tasting Notes: Organic 2013 Senchas

Jameel is joined by Maria Wallen, Coya Restaurant’s head sommelier, to explore the 2013 Japanese Senchas, two of the most beautiful teas in our collection.

Lalani & Co: Jun Chiyabari Hand Rolled Tips Tea 2

Tasting Notes: Jun Chiyabari 2013 Teas

Our collection has welcomed two excellent teas from the Jun Chiyabari Garden in Nepal. Here are our notes so you can enjoy them to their full potential.