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Category: Tea Knowledge
Lalani & Co: Japanese Kyoto Oolong Tea Garden

Kyoto Oolong

The story and tasting notes of a very unusual Japanese oolong.

Lalani & Co London Matcha Tea

All About Matcha

Matcha is wonderful. It has flavour, nutrition, mood effects, and ritual. This is Lalani & Co’s one page guide to becoming a matcha drinker.

Lalani & Co London: Okumidori Kabusecha 2015

Guide to Green Teas

Here is our guide to green teas for January so you can detox with craft luxury teas. 2016 is starting off very well…

Lalani & Co: Whisk 2

Making Matcha: A step-by-step and video guide

Making matcha is a skill, an art and a pleasure. There’s a lot of modern influence on matcha at the moment; methods of mixing with juice and using electric frothers. At Lalani & Co we know that a properly made, […]

Lalani & Co: Okumidori Japanese Sencha Tea Leaf

Tasting Notes: Organic 2013 Senchas

Jameel is joined by Maria Wallen, Coya Restaurant’s head sommelier, to explore the 2013 Japanese Senchas, two of the most beautiful teas in our collection.

Lalani & Co: Jun Chiyabari Garden Plants

Jun Chiyabari Garden Focus

An insight into the Jun Chiyabari garden, in the exciting up-and-coming tea producing country of Nepal.