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Assam Malt, 2nd Flush (2019-2021)

Region: Assam
Producer: Chardwar Estate
Season: 2nd Flush 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Batch: Various
This tea is a treat for anyone who loves classic, full-bodied black teas. Rich, rounded, malty and full flavoured.
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The Garden


The Assams in our collection comes from Chardwar Estate in Assam; an organic estate owned by Gautam and his family. The finest Assam teas are picked in the 2nd flush. That’s the May/June season. It’s when the desirable malty notes are at their best.

This Tea


Assams are rich, full bodied, and malty. They are the ideal teas to drink if you enjoy strong black teas in the morning. Indeed, the best part of a breakfast blend is usually the Assam component; although blends usually include lesser seasons rather than a pure 2nd flush. A tea like this is also a classic match for cake and other patisserie.


There are presently four vintages on release:


2021: An especially malty batch of Assam for those who love the famous Assam taste. The tannins are very well structured delivering a robust dry finish.


2020: The 2020 is rich and complex, with the malty notes of a fine Assam, some aromatic woods, and hints of raspberry jam (a flavour note sought after by experienced tea tasters).


2019: This Assam is thicker textured, very malty, with excellent punchy dry tannins leading to a long finish. This is a classic morning style Assam and a treat for drinkers of strong black tea.


2018: After some ageing, the 2018 is a smoother tea. Some of the tannins have fallen away. The tea has developed sweet floral notes and more hints of spice.

Storage and Ageing


When infusing, use 3g (1 tsp) per 150ml (a teacup or glass). Infuse with water just off the boil (90C) for 3 mins. If you prefer a stronger tea, you can use more leaf (adds intensity) or infuse for longer (increased tannins).


Store in a cool dry place. Assams change character with time, usually adding complexity. It’s a little known fact that Assams age well over a few years. We’ve noticed this with fine Assams (not regular ones). The age sometimes reduces the tannins and adds some floral complexity. You should drink within 5 years form picking.