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Best of Darjeeling 2022 Gift Case

Region: Darjeeling
Producer: Samabeong & Gopaldhara
Season: 1st & 2nd Flush 2022
Batch: Ex19 & Ex22
A new gift case bringing together the pinnacle of the 2022 harvest from the famous Darjeeling region.
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£ 75

Darjeeling is a region synonymous with fine tea. It sits nestled in North-East India, in the misty foothills of the Himalayas. Known as the ‘champagne of tea’, Darjeeling teas are considered by many to be the pinnacle of aromatic black tea. There are over 80 gardens in Darjeeling, from 900ft to 7,000ft above sea level, producing tea across the four seasons: 1st flush, 2nd flush, monsoon, and autumn. By working with only the best few family run gardens of Darjeeling, we bring you the most beautiful small batches from the premium 1st flush and 2nd flush seasons. Each gift case contains a jar each of the Spring Diamond 2022 (60g jar) and Supermuscatel 2nd Flush 2022 (100g jar).

The 1st flush season in Darjeeling is roughly March and April. Teas from this season are ideally light, fruity, and floral. The Spring Diamond 2022, from Samabeong garden was picked from AV2 varietal tea plants, which are highly prized for their floral character and potential to make fine 1st flush teas, grown at 5,900ft. Just 18kg were made of this excellent batch which is full of whole leaf and leaf buds.

The flavour is magnificent and full of delicious tropical fruit and floral notes, with a very smooth finish. These are the flavours we look for in an exemplary 1st flush Darjeeling. This tea will delight anyone who loves fine, delicate flavours.

Excellent 2nd flush Darjeelings are hard to find. The 2nd flush season is roughly May and June, up to the start of the monsoon. The teas from this season tend to be richer in flavour and more oxidised (darker). Batch Ex22 from Gopaldhara garden was picked from section 5A of Gopaldhara garden. Interestingly, this section has been planted with Yabukita and Fujimidori varietal plants, brought from Japan.

Much to my delight, this particular batch exhibits the classic muscatel profile which is becoming harder to find lately. ‘Muscatel’ owes its name to the muscat grape. The taste of a 2nd flush Darjeeling should be reminiscent of muscat grapes. At first sip, there is a hint of grape like sweetness, followed by a build of grape skin like tannin which gives wonderful structure and leaves a long drying finish on the palate.

Both jars are cushioned with wood wool and packed in a matt white gift case, finished with the Lalani & Co wax seal. Any dedicated tea drinker or foodie would be delighted with the best of Darjeeling’s 2022 harvest.



Spring Diamond Darjeeling 2nd Flush 2022

Supermuscatel Darjeeling 2nd Flush 2022