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Darjeeling Grand Reserve 2nd Flush 2018

Region: Darjeeling
Producer: Niroula Family
Season: 2nd Flush 2018
Batch: Ex16 2018
As ever, we bring you Darjeeling's finest 2nd flush of the year, with classic 'muscatel' notes; grape like with a floral opening and drying grape-skin finish.
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The Niroula family garden is a micro tea garden, sitting at 4,500-5,500ft. This small producer makes roughly 6 tons of tea each year, all made in their own craft processing unit, compared to the 150 tonnes of a typical Darjeeling garden.

This Batch


Batch Ex16 was handcrafted from young tea plants, planted just 10-15 years ago. The varietals are P312 and the legendary AV2.

Tasting Notes


Everyone is looking for muscatel, the much desired characteristic of a 2nd flush Darjeeling, so named for being reminiscent of muscat grapes. The tea opens with a floral grape like note, which quickly develops into grape skin and seed like drying tannins that  stay the palate with each sip.



Storage and Ageing


Fine Darjeeling 2nd flushes benefit from 8 months or more for the flavours to settle and the tannins to round off. After this time, the tea will mature nicely over a few years. Drink within 5 years of May 2018.