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Gold Leaf Black 2017

Region: Meghalaya, India
Producer: LaKyrsiew Garden
Season: Autumn 2017
Batch: BD116 (9.4kg) (Organic)
Cocoa and floral notes from this very fine gold tipped black tea, picked on a tiny boutique garden. Exceptional value. Ages well.

It’s very special to find such a finely made black tea. The leaves were carefully picked to include choice tips with little excess stem. You can see the abundance of gold tip on the dry leaves, which is a sign of young buds and translates into delicacy and excellent texture on the palate.


When infused, the leaves are whole and almost in perfect condition, as they would be on the plant.

The terroir is LaKyrsiew Garden in Meghalaya province, India; which is on the other side of the valley to Darjeeling. The elevation is similar to Darjeeling (approx 4,000ft) with Darjeeling plants growing, while the land is nearer to Assam.


LaKyrsiew Garden is owned by our friends Geert & Nayan who founded it in 2000 as a boutique producer of organic Indian teas. Their garden is a hidden gem, producing some of India’s best black teas. Each year we bring LaKyrsiew’s finest batches into our collection for keeping and ageing.

In 2017, LaKyrsiew produced its best black teas in the Autumn. There were two batches which stood out. This tea is rich in flavour with very soft tannins. On the palate, there are distinctive cacao notes and florals, with hints of caramel. A black tea drinker will be overjoyed with this tea and it’s excellent value compared to other teas in its class.