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Hand Rolled 1st Flush 2019

Region: Nepal
Producer: Everest Garden
Season: Spring 2019
Batch: Et7 (20kg)
A palate rich in orchard fruits and wildflower honey.
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The Garden


Everest is a revitalised garden in Nepal, at approximately 6,000ft. The garden previously closed and has been recently re-opened to make fine craft teas.

This Batch


Just 20kg were made of this small batch which is picked from mixed China varietals, and includes some of the semi-wild trees growing on the garden. The leaves were hand picked, lightly withered, and hand rolled. The oxidation is judged by smell to bring out the most fruitiness in the tea.

Tasting Notes


A medley of peach, apricot, and nectarine, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with a touch of nuts.

Storing and Ageing


This is a first flush Himalayan region tea, so we suggest buying now and drinking while it’s young.