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Himalayan Imperial Black 2017

Region: Hile, Nepal
Producer: Jun Chiyabari Garden
Season: Autumn 2017
Batch: J190 (10kg) (Organic)
A deep and delicious black tea with caramelised sugar hunts and a silky smooth body.
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We love when a tea has a special and unique story behind it and the Himalayan Imperial Black is no exception.

Several years back, after we had purchased teas from Jun Chiyabari garden, we asked if there was anything else to try that was interesting. They told us they had one batch of Imperial Black which had been accidentally fired too high in the finish. We tried it and it ended up tasting absolutely delicious. Since then, we always look for the over fired batches!



What had happened was they had over-fired in the finish which caused the sugars in the leaf to caramelise slightly. The result is a tea with raw cacao notes cinder toffee, and caramelised sugar. On top of that, this black tea is so full bodied, so full of flavour but so smooth.

It’s perfect for someone who loves beautiful full bodied black teas, peaty whiskeys and dark chocolate.

It’s most certainly a tea for pairing with desserts (like a sticky toffee pudding), but similarly an excellent morning tea. If you want to be completely out there, chill it and match it with venison.