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Himalayan Shiiba 2017

Region: Hile, Nepal
Producer: Jun Chiyabari Garden
Season: Autumn 2017
Batch: J176 (3.5kg) (Organic)
This is a very special oolong and one of the most exceptional teas of the 2017 vintage. With tasting notes of raisins, honey cake and cognac, this tea is full of depth, complexity and precision.
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The plants used to make the Himalayan Shiiba were imported as part of a collaboration between Jun Chiyabari garden in Nepal and Mr Shiiba in Japan.

With a rather different starting point and story to other plants, they were originally used to make green tea in Japan, and also in Nepal when they came across in 2015 to be planted at a lofty 6,000ft on rich organic soil.

Lalani & Co brought one of the first Shiiba batches into our collection in 2015, which was made as a green tea. In 2017, the garden decided to make theses beautiful leaves into a spectacular oolong tea.


This tea is naturally sweet with a floral opening, followed by honey and raisin cake with a touch of cognac character to finish, making it so delicious.

It isn’t just the sweet tartness of this tea that makes it special. This tea will infuse three times or more which it makes each cup just 60p.


You can pair this flavour rich oolong with a variety of dishes. Duck, glazed salmon, or fruit cake are good pairings. Or if you prefer to enjoy your tea over breakfast drink it with a toasty granola.