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Honey Black 2016

Region: Nantou, Taiwan
Producer: Ms Huang (Jade Mountain)
Season: Summer 2016
Batch: (Organic) 75kg
Wonderful honey, floral, and dried fruit notes from this unusual tea: A Taiwanese black tea.
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Jade Mountain, central Taiwan. Owned by the Huang family, this little tea garden produces just 1.5T of tea each year. Most of the tea is made in the famous Taiwanese high mountain oolong style. In the summer, they produce a limited amount of black tea which is one of the best teas we’ve tasted.


In the summer season, little insects called leafhoppers start to attack the tea plants. The leaves naturally defend themselves by producing a chemical that tastes of honey, a flavour which is captured in this tea.

As the whole leaves infuse, they release such exquisite notes of honey, flowers, and dried fruits. This is black tea at its best; full of flavour expression, completely smooth, with a long lasting finish.

This tea is now available in an individual wooden gift case. Please select from the dropdown list above.