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‘The Honey Special’ Spring 2013, Jade Mountain (Taiwan)

Region: Taiwan
Producer: Ms Huang (Jade Mountain)
Season: Spring 2013
Batch: A2130417
Vintage oolong. It's a creation that comes along only with an exceptionally dry spring; and we've re released a handful of jars after ageing.
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On Jade Mountain, the highest mountain in Taiwan, 2013 was a particularly dry spring. Confused by the dry weather, the leafhoppers arrived at the garden early. These insects normally come in the summer and try to nibble the leaves. When they do, the leaves repair themselves with a hormone that tastes like honey. It’s an example of a natural interaction that creates harmonious flavour.


It normally happens in the summer, but in 2013 it happened in the superior spring season.

This batch was picked from Qin Xin varietal plants (pronounced Chin Shin). These are Taiwan’s finest plants. We asked for them to be roasted twice to enhance the honey aromas.


The leaves will infuse at least 5 times; often up to 7 infusions. With each infusion, they unfurl from pearl shaped into their full 3-leaf-and-bud formation.

Drinking this tea, you experience an extraordinary profile of honey sweetness, stone fruit, honeyed tobacco and a creamy smoke texture. Whether you’re buying to drink, or to age, this will be an exquisite oolong for your collection. Bring this out at a dinner party and you will certainly impress.