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Kamairicha 2019

Region: Gokase, Japan
Producer: Miyazaki Garden
Season: Ichibancha (Spring) 2019
Batch: 'Toono' (100kg) Organic
A first for our collection: A Kamairicha. This tea is grown in Japan and pan-fired rather than steamed.
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The Garden


The Miyazaki garden is a new garden in our collection this year, located in Miyazaki prefecture om Kyushu Island. It was founded in 1930, has been farming naturally for 30 years, and formally organic certified in 2001. They share our philosophy of batch production and provenance.


Miyazaki garden specialises in Kamairicha teas. When green teas are made, they must be heated. Heating keeps the tea green by stopping the PPO enzyme. In Japan, green teas are usually steamed. Kamairicha, however, is not steamed but pan-heated like a Chinese or Indian green.

This Batch


This batch was picked on the 19th May 2019 form the Toono section of the garden. It’s a single-varietal Kamairicha, made from the Minekaori tea varietal. The tea was grown in the sun and pan firing took 2 mins 30 seconds.

Tasting Notes


This tea opens with sweet spring and eastern vegetal notes, followed by hints of popcorn and toasted nuts. When infused properly, there are very few tannins. The flavour is dense and very moreish.


Infuse at 3g per 150ml (teacup size) at 70C  for 1 min. Although this is not a shaded tea, we also like this tea infused like a Kabusecha using 6g at 40C for 2-3 mins.

Storage and Ageing


We suggest storing this tea in a cool dry place.