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Online Vintage Oolong Tasting Sunday 31st May 15:30

The first of our 10th anniversary celebrations. We're holding a special online tasting comparing vintage Taiwanese oolongs, one delicious young oolong from 2019 and one exquisite aged oolong from 1998.
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Lalani & Co London: Vintage Aged Oolong Tea Shan Lin Xi Taiwan 1998

Oolong Tasting Pack


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Lalani & Co London: The Aurora

Aurora – optional


Taiwan is an exceptional tea producing country, famous for making some of the most impressive oolongs in the world. Other producers often look to Taiwan for inspiration when making oolong teas. Smooth and exceptionally complex, these teas are highly regarded and much loved by tea enthusiasts.

Like wines, some teas are best young and some teas will age very well. Oolongs from the high mountains of central Taiwan are often excellent for ageing, developing astonishing complexity and depth over the years. In this special 10th anniversary tasting, Jameel Lalani will guide you through the preparation and tasting of two premium Taiwanese oolongs, one from 2019 and one from 1998.


At 15:30 (UK time) on the 31st May, we’ll all meet on a video chat, hold a class on how to infuse Taiwanese oolongs, and then taste both oolongs; one young and one aged for over 21 years. The tasting pack includes a pre-measured single serving of the:


QX Oolong 2019 (6g)

Shan Lin Xi Oolong 1998 (10g)


Each of these teas will infuse many times from the same leaf, and we’ll infuse them together and watch how they change over several infusions.

You will also need a good infusion vessel. We recommend the Aurora, which you can add to your order above, but you can use a vessel of your choice.

UK delivery is included. Please place your orders by the end of Wednesday 27th May (UK) and Monday 25th May (USA & EU) for delivery by Friday 31st. Remember to use the discount code IsolateinComfort for 20% off. We’ll then contact you with the details of how to join the video tasting. Looking forward to seeing you online.