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Qing Xin 2015

Region: Taiwan
Producer: Ms Huang (Jade Mountain)
Season: Spring 2015
Batch: 51120G1
Clay aged from 2015 to 2018, giving sophisticated layers of flavour.

All teas change with time. Some loose flavour, some improve with age. Roasted oolongs from Taiwan are in the latter category, and they can become exquisite over the years, developing spectacular depth of character.


This batch was picked in the Spring of 2015 from the Huang family garden on Jade Mountain in Taiwan. The garden is certified organic, and sits high up on the mountain in central Taiwan. High elevation improves the complexity of flavour.

This tea was made in a similar way to the Spring Smoke 2017; slow process all-day withering (evaporation), then rolling, high firing during the night (heating), and then rolling and drying until the tea leaves become tightly rolled pearls. Finally the tea was roasted.

Once the tea was made, the leaves were stored in clay jars at a constant temperature to age.

Infuse this tea at 90C for 1 min at a time. The tightly rolled pearls (left) will unfurl over 5 to 7 infusions (right), slowly revealing sophisticated layers of stone fruit, walnut, sweet woods, and tobacco. The sweet aromas emerge in the early infusions, followed by the deeper notes.


This is a tea to enjoy over several infusions in an evening, or with friends. The leaves will continue to age in the jar so you may wish to put a jar in the cellar or wine fridge for a few years.