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Sae Midori Kabusecha (Shaded Sencha) 2019

Region: Kagoshima, Japan
Producer: Nishi Family Gardens
Season: Ichibancha (Spring) 2019
Batch: 424-7 (100kg) Organic
Showing off the craft of Japanese tea making; excellent umami, edamame notes, mushroom complexity.
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The Garden

From the ash-covered soils of Kagoshima, under the gaze of Kirishima volcano, on the southern tip of Kyushu Island, comes this sophisticated single-varietal Japanese tea. Picked from the organic Nishi family garden, this tea is organic and the Nishi family are pioneers of organic tea growing in Japan.


This Batch

Like wine grapes, tea has many varietals. This tea is picked from one varietal of tea plant called Sae Midori. Unlike sencha, which is grown in the sun, Kabusecha is covered before harvest. Covering the plants increases the amino acids in the leaf, which gives this tea the umami flavour profile which is highly sought-after in Japanese teas. This batch had 9 days of shading before picking on the 18th April, and short steaming for 15s.

Tasting Notes

On the palate, the tea opens with notes of edamame and kombu. You will taste the freshness of the spring picking, the elegant umami of the shading, and the characteristic mushroom note of the Sae Midori varietal. The finish is remarkably long and umami.

Storage and Ageing

Japanese green teas are best fresh and young so we suggest storing this tea in a cool dry place and enjoying it while it’s young; ideally within 24 months. As at December 2020, this tea is on great form with lots of umami and mushroomy hints.