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Silver Leaf Green 2018

Region: Meghalaya, India
Producer: LaKyrsiew Garden
Season: Autumn 2018
Batch: GD41 (15.5kg)
Delicious, smooth, fruity green tea with gummy bear hints.

The Garden


LaKyrsiew sits in one of the more secretive terroirs of the tea world, in Meghalaya Province. The province is just south of Assam, on the other side of the valley to Darjeeling. LaKyrsiew was planted in the year 2000 with tea plants from Darjeeling. Its small scale farming and micro factory creates just 1,500kg of tea each year.

This Batch


Each year we pick a few of LaKyrsiew’s best green tea batches for our collection. After tasting each batch, this one really stood out for its special flavour profile. Just 15.5kg were made, picked from the newest section of the garden, and made entirely from the highly desired AV2 tea varietal; which makes this a single-varietal batch.

Tasting Notes


Infuse 3g at 70°C for 3 mins. If you need scales, you can find them here. They’re well worth the investment. This tea is light bodied and very smooth with soft tannins. It’s naturally sweet with a wonderful fruitiness. Interestingly the fruity character reminds us of fruity gummy bears.

Storing and Ageing


LaKyrsiew’s green teas are on good form for two to three years from picking. Store this tea is a cool dry place and ideally drink before September 2021. They tend not to age so enjoy now.