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Spring Diamond Darjeeling 1st Flush 2022

Region: Darjeeling, India
Producer: Samabeong Garden
Season: 1st Flush 2022
Batch: Ex14 (18kg) Organic
An expertly crafted Darjeeling 1st flush with exquisite large leaves, full of leaf buds, giving a flavour of delicious mango, tropical fruit, and floral notes.
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The Garden


Founded in 1882, Samabeong is one of the highest and most remote gardens in Darjeeling. It’s perched at 6,000ft in the far north-east of the Darjeeling tea growing region. Samabeong has been in the care of the Mohan family since 1990. The garden is surrounded on all four sides by forests and rivers, with the Kolbon river running through it providing fresh water.

This Batch


Picked on 10th April 2022, these leaves are from the famous AV2 varietal of tea plant. The AV2 varietal is known for its fruity, floral flavour profile. In the opinion of many tea enthusiasts, myself included, this varietal makes some of the most highly desirable 1st flush Darjeeling teas. Most teas are picked from the top two leaves and a bud; however, this tea is made from the top leaf and a bud. This finer picking standard gives a smoother, more delicate profile.

Tasting Notes


If you enjoy delicate, smooth teas with low tannin, you will adore this tea. It’s full of delicious tropical fruit notes, spring florals, with a very smooth finish. I can highly recommend it as exemplary of the modern 1st flush Darjeeling style.


We suggest infusing 3g in 150ml (teacup size) at 70°C for 3 mins. Still, this tea is remarkably flexible and will infuse well with water at 90°C. To enjoy a Darjeeling 1st flush at its best, allow it 3 to 5 mins in the glass to open. You’ll notice the flavour becoming much more pronounced. The leaves will infuse at least twice and the second infusion is better than the first.

Storage and Ageing


While this tea can be appreciated for several years, as with first flush Darjeelings it will be best fresh and young. We suggest storing in a cool dry place and enjoying it within 14 months from harvest, while at its peak. Our recommendation is to buy now and drink now.



This tea needs 3g per serving and will infuse at least twice.

Each jar will produce approximately 6 litres of tea.

Each glass will cost about £1.13 each.

Ml for ml, it’s the equivalent of spending £5.65 on a bottle of wine or £5.25 on a bottle of whisky.