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Symphony Darjeeling 1st Flush 2023

Region: Darjeeling, India
Producer: Gopaldhara Garden
Season: 1st Flush 2023
Batch: Ex19 (55kg)
The new harvest has arrived: A gentle symphony of mixed tropical fruit notes, spring florals, and hints of old-fashioned sweets from this excellent 1st flush.
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The Garden


Gopaldhara is one of the highest gardens in Darjeeling, sitting at 3,500 to 7,000ft in the Himalayan foothills. This exceptional producer is one of the few Darjeeling gardens to remain independent and family run, owned by Rishi Saria and his family. Lalani & Co have been working with Rishi and his team for about 12 harvests.

This Batch


These leaves were harvested on the 23rd March, from a small section of the garden, newly planted with B157 varietal plants, making this batch a single-varietal Darjeeling. I’m very fond of teas made from B157 for its flavour length.


The leaves are picked, then withered. They’re lightly bruised before firing, rolling and drying. You may notice that this is technically an oolong process.

Tasting Notes


This tea is elegant and smooth; a gentle symphony of mixed tropical fruit notes, spring florals, and hints of old fashioned sweets like pear drops. The finish is peach skin textured on the palate. Highly recommended if you enjoy drinking delicate, complex teas.


We recommend 3g:150ml at 70°C for 3 minutes. Water in the low 70s will bring out the fruit notes but you can experiment to you personal taste. Remember, a first flush Darjeeling like this needs time to open. After pouring, allow at least 3 minutes in the glass for the flavours to emerge; ideally 5 minutes. You’ll really notice the difference as it opens.

Storage and Ageing


While this tea can be enjoyed for several years, first flush Darjeelings are best fresh and young. We suggest storing in a cool dry place and enjoying it within 12-18 months from harvest (March 2023) while it’s at its peak.