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Taiwan 2021 Gift Case

Region: Nantou, Taiwan
Producer: Huang Family (Jade Mountain)
Season: Spring 2021
Batch: A310421 (160kg) & 10801G1 (30kg)
A new, special gift case which compares two Taiwanese oolong teas from the same batch, one roasted and one unroasted.
£ 125

High mountain Taiwanese oolongs are an easy choice for a luxurious gift. They’re some of the most delicious and complex teas on earth, able to impress the most discerning connoiseur. At the same time, they’re approacable and easy to drink for the casual tea drinker. These oolongs are also easy to infuse: They’re flexible when it comes to temperature and infusion time. Each gift case contains a jar each of the Green Heart 2021 (100g) and the QX 2021 (100g).

The spring season in Taiwan is the premium season for high mountain oolongs. The Green Heart 2021 was picked on the Huang family’s boutique garden on Jade Mountain. The leaves are of the Qing Xin varietal (meaning Green Heart) which is widely regarded as Taiwan’s best varietal.

The Green Heart 2018 is a magnificent high mountain oolong. The early infusions are floral, sweet, and buttery or creamy. You may taste hints of vanilla and orchard fruit. As the infusions progress there are flower petal-like tannins and a touch of minerality.

We then asked for 30kg of the Green Heart leaves to be roasted, which became the QX 2021. QX stands for Qing Xin; the name of the varietal. Roasted Taiwanese oolongs can be enjoyed young or aged for decades.

The first infusion is sweet, floral, creamy, peachy, with hints of vanilla. The youth is apparent in the second infusion with a whole mouthful of sticky flower petal tannins and white grape skins. The infusions that follow are a melody of roasted peach and spice, hints of honey, and a creamy texture. This tea is beautiful and complex. It’s an excellent match for light desserts, stone fruit, or root vegetables.

Both jars are cushioned with wood wool and packed in a matt white gift case, finished with the Lalani & Co wax seal.