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Teas of Japan Gift Case

Region: Japan
Producer: Nakai and Nishi Families
Two organic gardens, producing two different styles of tea, showcasing the expert craft of Japanese tea.
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£ 71

The Lalani & Co 2018 gift boxes come in soft white, with a hinged lid, and finished with the L&Co wax seal.

This gift box is particularly exciting as it contains one example of traditional Japanese green tea mastery; and one examples of an experimental Japanese oolong.

The Sae Midori Kabusecha 2019 is a Japanese green tea with all its umami beauty, grown by the Nishi family on their organic garden in Kagoshima. The Kyoto Oolong 2017 is an experimental Japanese oolong, grown by the Nakai family on their organic garden in Kyoto, full of apricot notes and toasty biscuit hints.

Together they showcase the expert craft of Japanese tea making; a real treat for any tea drinker or foodie.