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The Spring Smoke 2017

Region: Taiwan
Producer: Ms Huang (Jade Mountain)
Season: Spring 2017
Batch: A3170508 (90kg)
The Spring Smoke is back. A beautiful, single-varietal oolong from Jade Mountain in Taiwan. Floral, creamy textured, honeyed tobacco hints. Infuses 5-7 times.

The tea comes from Ms Huang’s garden which sits on Jade Mountain in Nantou, central Taiwan. She and her family are enthusiastic about organic farming. The soil at the garden is alive with bugs and other helpful creatures that show a healthy ecosystem

Tea has varietals, just like wine. In Taiwan, Qin Xin (roughly pronounced ‘chin-shin’) is a highly prized varietal, producing a lower yield but superior flavour. Three leaves and a bud are picked.

After picking, the leaves are oxidised slowly overnight, before firing, rolling, and drying at the garden. The last stage is a gentle roasting.

This oolong has tightly rolled leaves. Over the course of 5-7 infusions, the leaves will open.


The tea has florals, with hints of stone fruit and spice. There’s a creamy texture and a honeyed tobacco finish; a sophisticated tea to wind down with at the end of the day.

This tea is now available in an individual wooden gift case. Please select from the dropdown list above.