Christmas Wrapped Up Early

November 2013

Here’s how to get Christmas shopping wrapped up early this year; without lifting a finger.


Lalani & Co: Gopaldhara 1st Flush Wonder Gold 2013 Darjeeling Tea


Late November feels like the right time to take care of the Christmas gifts in an orderly fashion. Christmas should be more relaxed than the usual mad dash which, like the school run, tiptoes earlier each year as we try to avoid each other’s traffic.


Lalani & Co: Christmas Gifts Yabukita Sencha Tea

This year, finding gifts will be an enjoyable and streamlined affair. Lalani & Co can take care of it all, gift wrap with a complimentary gift wrapping service, and deliver in good time for Christmas. I’m sure your friends and family will adore receiving unique, artisan, single-terroir teas. After all, very few people will receive a craft-made 10kg batch of Darjeeling or a vintage aged 2011 white tea.


Being perfectionists, we’re wrapping in luxurious wrapping paper and natural French-made 100% cotton ribbon (as natural, local and luxurious as we could find).


Lalani & Co: Christmas Gifts French Ribbon


  1. Have a browse through the collection, choose the gifts you want and add them to your cart.
  2. Add ‘Gift Wrapping’ to your cart.
  3. At the checkout (where you enter your delivery details) there’s a section called ‘Order Notes’. Tell us which items go together and we’ll wrap them accordingly.



Order in November, with a minimum of £54, and we’ll deliver them all gift-wrapped by 10th December. Christmas wrapped up early; what a luxuriously streamlined affair.


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