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Lalani & Co: Luxury Matcha Gift Case

Customised Gifting

As we enter the wonderful Christmas season, we’re looking forward to giving gifts, receiving them, and helping you to send them.   In these unusual circumstances, let us take some of the work off your shoulders. The Lalani & Co […]

Lalani & Co: Hand Rolled Oolong 1st Flush 2020 Tea Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh: A hidden gem

  One of the advantages of specialising in single-batch tea is our ability to bring you exceptional teas whenever we find them. It’s rather like walking into a new whisky distillery and buying a couple of outstanding barrels just because […]

Lalani & Co London: Japanese Tea Gift Case

Where to buy for Christmas 2018

Christmas is almost here. It’s perhaps too late to dispatch from the warehouse but you can still give craft teas as presents this year. Here’s are a few retailers you can visit in London.

Lalani & Co: Wonder Gold Darjeeling 1st Flush 2018

10 facts about 1st Flush Darjeelings

In our latest post, Jameel Lalani shares insights and knowledge of one of the world’s most famous teas and exquisite drinks: 1st Flush Darjeelings.   1. The season is from March to May It’s a little known fact that tea […]

Lalani & CO: Nitro Matcha at TABxTAB

The Story of Nitro Matcha

Jameel Lalani talks about the incoming wave of nitro matcha. Nitro matcha is a creative new way of making matcha, which we’re particularly fond of. It’s no secret that we’re tea purists; taking a stand against the addition of m*lk […]

Dale Harris at the WBC

Victory at the World Barista Championships

Photo: Kim Sangtab, Black Tribe If you’re in the drinks industry, you’ll have heard of Dale Harris (@acousticcoffee). If not, then let us introduce you. Not only is he the Director of Wholesale for the wonderful team at Hasbean Coffee, he […]

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