Guide to Green Teas

January 2016

January is a time to eat and drink healthily. Green teas are certainly high on most people’s lists; and so, here is our guide to green teas for January so you can detox with craft luxury teas. This month you’ll get 10% off green teas when you enter the code JAN2016 at the checkout. 2016 is starting off very well…

Lalani & Co London: Okumidori Kabusecha 2015

Firstly, what is a green tea?

One of the most common misconceptions about green teas is that they come from different plants to black teas. Black, oolong, green and white teas all come from the tea plant: Camellia Sinensis.

The difference between black and green tea is the oxidation (browning) of the leaf. A black tea has been oxidised, so the leaf has turned brown. A green tea has been heated at the start of the tea making process which prevents the leaf from oxidising; therefore, it stays green, as it was on the plant.

Green teas have a wide range of flavour profiles, depending on the growing region, making style, elevation and batch variations.


Lalani & Co London: Himalayan Evergreen Tea

Himalayan Evergreen 2015 (Batch J19)

Best for: Easy drinking.

Story: One of the best green teas from Jun Chiyabari garden (Nepal) in 2015. It’s both complex for the enthusiasts, and approachable for green tea beginners. 10kg made, excellent leaf quality.

Flavour Profile: Subtle sweetness, spring greens.

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Lalani & Co London: Organic Matcha Gold Tea

Matcha Gold

Best for: Matcha enthusiasts; determined detoxers.

Story: Probably the best organic matcha available. The leaves are picked from family run gardens and milled using a traditional stone grinding process.

Flavour Profile: Excellent matcha flavour with very little bitterness. Hints of cocoa butteriness and nuttiness, thick mouth-feel. Remember to make matcha with a traditional whisk.

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Lalani & Co London: Sae Midori Kabusecha 2015

Sae Midori Kabusecha 2015 (Batch: 420-02)

Best for: Anyone who likes savoury or Japanese flavours.

Story: I visited the Nakai family this Spring and was overwhelmed by their commitment to organic farming and quality production. ‘Kabusecha’, a higher tea grade than sencha, is grown under the shade to increase the umami flavour. This batch was picked from one varietal of tea plant (Sae Midori), which I think is extremely good.

Flavour Profile: Savoury, vegetal and umami. If you like sushi, ramen or Japanese flavours in general, this is your green tea.

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Lalani & Co London: LaKyrsiew Garden Silverleaf Green Tea

Silverleaf Green 2014 (Batch: GD23)

Best for: Delicate palates or green tea drinkers looking for something unusual.

Story: Made on one of the world’s most boutique family run gardens. This was by far the best batch of green tea from LaKyrsiew garden in 2014. Some of their green teas, like this one, will improve with age. Buy to drink now, or keep for a few years, or both.

Flavour Profile: Fruity, whispers of pears and lemon. The finish is gentle and bright. Soft textured.

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We wish you all the best for the year ahead, and a healthy detox season. Remember the 10% off code.