Making Matcha: A step-by-step and video guide

Making matcha is a skill, an art and a pleasure. There’s a lot of modern influence on matcha at the moment; methods of mixing with juice and using electric frothers. At Lalani & Co we know that a properly made, wooden-whisked, pure matcha is the finest and only option for a matcha drinker.

This is our step-by-step guide and video to making matcha. Use it as your reference when making matcha at home. This method is for making ‘usucha’ matcha which translates as ‘thin tea’. This is the usual form of making pure matcha which uses 1.5g of tea and 75ml of water.



You will need:

A matcha bowl

A matcha whisk

Lalani & Co Matcha Gold



Add 1 flat teaspoon of matcha to the bowl. This works out to 1.5g.



Then, add about 2 tbsp of cold water into the bowl. The cold water protects the matcha from the hot water which you’ll add next. Adding just a little water makes it easy to work the powder into a paste.



Use a circular action with the whisk to work the matcha into a glorious green paste. Continue until paste is smooth and there are no clumps in the whisk or bowl.



After that, add 75ml water at 70C. A temperature kettle will give you an exact temperature. In the absence of a temperature kettle let the hot water cool of for about two minutes before pouring it into the bowl. 75ml is the size of an espresso cup or half the volume of a classic teacup.



Finally, whisk the mixture until its frothy with a back and forth action. The faster the movement, the more frothy drink turns out. A good technique is to start whisking just under the surface, then move deeper into the bowl as the froth thickens.



You’re now equipped to make matcha the proper way and stay focused, relaxed an alert for the day.

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