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The Lalani & Co Private Client Club is our invitation only club for tea drinkers and foodies. Members range from from people just beginning their tea journey, all the way to connoisseurs, all with a passion for drinking and learning about the best single-batch teas.


How it works:


The club holds regular members’ events online and in person to discover new teas and share knowledge of origins, tasting notes, and tea gastronomy. Tastings might be feature a new seasonal tea, a new producer, or focus on a particular theme like comparing two origins, pairing teas with food, or which teas to age.


We have a very personal service so you are welcome to contact us any time with tea questions or for advice and suggestions. We also take an interest in what our members enjoy, so we’ll be in touch if there’s something new you might like.


In addition, members receive special discounts, early access to new releases, and mutual offers from other like-minded artisan brands.


The club is free to join. Please click here to become a member.


We look forward to seeing you at a future event!


Jameel Lalani
Lalani & Co London