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Green Heart Oolong 2022

Region: Nantou, Taiwan
Producer: Ms Huang (Jade Mountain)
Season: Spring 2022
Batch: A32204020 (23.2kg) Organic
Excellent high-mountain oolong. A mouthful of flower petals, cream, and orchard fruit.

The Garden


Hidden high up on Jade Mountain, in the tree covered mountains of central Taiwan, is the organic Huang family garden. This little garden produces just 1.5T of tea each year; a production so small it would probably fit in your kitchen. The garden is organic and full of life.

This Batch


Taiwan is most famous for high mountain oolong teas, with floral notes and creamy textures. These oolong teas are usually picked in the Spring and Winter. Just like wine, tea has varietals. Each varietal has slightly different flavour characteristics. This tea was picked from Qing Xin varietal tea plants, which are known as the highest quality varietals in Taiwan. The name Qing Xin means ‘Green Heart’ giving this tea its name. Qing Xin teas are more complex than other Taiwanese varietals. After picking, the leaves are allowed to wither (wilt) slowly for the entire day, first in the sun, then inside on bamboo trays.

At the end of the day the leaves are fired at 300°C before repeated stages of rolling and drying overnight and again the next day. The Green Heart 2021 and the QX 2021 are the same batch of tea. The QX 2021 was roasted after making, whereas the Green Heart has been kept unroasted.

Tasting Notes


The Green Heart 2022 is a wonderful high mountain oolong. The early infusions are creamy smooth and floral. You may taste hints of vanilla and orchard fruit. As you progress through the 2nd, 3rd, 4th infusions, and onwards, the tea gives more intense floral notes which lean towards flower petals rather than floral aroma, and the orchard fruit becomes riper.


Infuse 6g per 150ml (teacup) at 90C for 1 min. The leaves will infuse up to 7 times.

Storage and Ageing


Store this tea in a cool dry place. It will taste at its best for up to 5 years.