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Hand-Rolled Tips, Autumn 2014

Region: Hile, Nepal
Producer: Jun Chiyabari Garden
Season: Autumn 2014
Batch: J149 (300 Jars) (Organic)
Exquisite black tea with caramel, nutty, nougat notes. This tea is for anyone who enjoys complex light black teas.

High up in Nepal, in the foothills of the Himalayas, sits Jun Chiyabari garden. Brothers Bachan and Lochan own the garden. They’re dedicated to organic agriculture. The garden was founded in 2000.

The garden produces its best black teas in the Autumn. This batch is picked, rolled and sorted by hand; a truly craft-made tea. The quality of making shows in the beautiful whole leaves that unfurl as they infuse.


The notes are extraordinary. The tea is delicate, with clarity of flavour. There are hints of sweetness, nutty caramel and nougat notes and soft undertones of stone fruit. Stunning.