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Handmade Long Black Bamboo Matcha Whisk

For the seasoned matcha drinker who wants something out of the ordinary, we recommend these hand-crafted long handle matcha whisks, handmade in Nara from black bamboo.
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Most matcha whisks aren’t made in Japan. In fact, they’re made in Korea or China where manufacturing is cheaper.


The whisks in the Lalani & Co Collection are made in Japan in the workshop of Sabun Kubo, whose family have been making tea whisks for 24 generations.

The bamboo is a high quality, dense bamboo, grown in Japan and dried slowly for 2 years. In this way, it’s stronger, longer lasting and made without preservatives. We prefer black bamboo to plain bamboo for its more expressive aesthetic quality.


The ends of the prongs are cut individually with a knife which makes them stronger than the file-cut ends of a mass produced whisk. Each whisk is made manually, from a single piece of black bamboo, split several times and woven with string to create 80 prongs; perfect for making beautiful matcha.