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Honey Black 2022

Region: Nantou, Taiwan
Producer: Ms Huang (Jade Mountain)
Season: Summer 2022
Batch: A4220706 Organic
The much loved Honey Black tea; beautiful leaves, silky smooth, honey sweet, and very floral.

The Garden


Hidden high up on Jade Mountain, in the tree covered mountains of central Taiwan, is the organic Huang family garden. This little garden produces just 1.5T of tea each year; a production so small it would probably fit in your kitchen. The garden is organic and full of life.

This Batch


Taiwan is most famous for high mountain oolong teas, with  floral notes and creamy textures. These oolong teas are usually picked in the Spring and Winter. Less well known are Taiwanese black teas, which are some of the most delicious in the world. In the summer season, little insects called leafhoppers start to attack the tea plants. The leaves naturally defend themselves by producing a scent that tastes of honey, which the leafhoppers don’t like, but we love. This honey flavour is captured in the exquisite flavour profile of this tea.

Tasting Notes


The tea opens with dried fruit and honey notes, almost like raisins and honey cake. Then come the floral notes, finished with a hint of almond at the end. The texture is silky and smooth. The Honey Black pairs perfectly with light desserts and cakes. This is an exceptionally popular tea and I highly recommend it.


Infuse 3g per 150ml (teacup) at 90C for 5 mins. The Honey Black is very flexible and tastes excellent at various temperatures and times.

Storage and Ageing


Store this tea in a cool dry place. It will taste at its best for up to 5 years, developing in flavour over time. The tea picks up a richer dried fruit and wood note over the years.