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Designed in London by Jameel Lalani and ceramic artist Linda Bloomfield; made in England from fine bone china; the Aurora is the essential companion for every tea lover.
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Our aim was to design a piece which is beautiful and functional. The vessel is simple and elegant without the need for a handle, long spout or strainer.

Local manufacture means a lot to us. Each piece is made in England, in Stoke-on-Trent (traditional heart of British ceramics). The clay comes from British land and is finished with a gentle matt glaze.

The Aurora is easy to fill and easy to empty afterwards. Tea leaves can be tough to remove from a classic teapot. The Aurora empties with ease.

There are two fill lines inside; one for 150ml and one for 200ml.

A single serving infusion means you have complete control over the infusion time. The leaves will never be left stewing in excess water.

When the tea has infused for the desired time, decant the whole infusion.

Once tea tea is poured, the leaves are safe and dry in the chamber, ready to be re-infused. You could also put cold water on them, leave it in the fridge overnight and pour yourself a cold infused tea in the morning.