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Japandi Brunch

Join us for our next event, which will be a Japandi Brunch in conjunction with Aquavit restaurant in London.
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Japandi is the term for the combination of Japanese and Scandinavian culture, design, cuisine, and aesthetics; which complement each other in many ways. At our next event, we’re matching the Scandinavian cuisine of Aquavit with exquisite Japanese single-batch teas; which are a magnificent match for each other. The umami, creamy, and seafood dishes are just made for Japanese teas.


The event will start with a tasting of the 2021 Japanese single-batch teas in our library, including the Handpicked Gyokuro 2021. We’ll then sit together for a three course brunch, paired with teas.



Loc Duart Gravlax, mustard, dill sauce


Spring radish salad, sorrel mustard, smoked vegan cheese (v)




Beef Rydberg, caramelised onion, onion puree, confit egg yolk, horseradish cream


Houghton spring trout, sandefjord sauce, chive, trout roe.


Pearl barley & wild mushroom risotto (v)




Arctic bird’s next, goat cheese parfait (v)





Handpicked Gyokuro 2021
Green Pearl Gyokuro 2021
Saemidori Kabusecha 2021
Kamairicha 2021
Matcha Gold

Aquavit Restaurant

St James’s Market, 1 Carlton Street, London, SW1Y 4QQ


Saturday 6th November


£55 per person including teas, VAT, and Service

Other drinks payable on consumption