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Japanese Matcha Grade III

Our cooking grade matcha, brought in straight from Japan and used by many of London's top chefs and patissiers.

Lalani & Co’s Matcha Grade III is the favourite of artisan food producersĀ in the UK. This organic matcha is ideal for healthy smoothies and baking recipes.

The matcha comes from organic gardens in Japan. Each batch we order is milled into a powder freshly before shipping.

Matcha meringues made by chef Anna Hansen at The Modern Pantry Restaurant in London, made with Lalani & Co Matcha.

Churning matcha ice cream, made with our organic matcha.


If you make this at home, we recommend 20g of Organic Matcha III per litre of ice cream.

At the healthy end of the spectrum, add matcha green tea to your smoothies as a booster.

The Matcha Grade III is designed for use in recipes. It has the bold taste needed to shine through with other ingredients present, and is at an excellent price point for culinary use.