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Luxury Matcha Gift Case

The ultimate matcha gift case. Lalani & Co's super premium Matcha Gold with a London-made, handmade matcha bowl and bamboo matcha whisk; all housed in a wooden, metal clasp gift case.
£ 98.00

Fresh milling is important with matcha. The Lalani & Co Matcha Gold is milled right before we ship it from Japan. The organic plants are shaded for 21 days before picking, which enhances the mood relaxing amino acid, L-Theanine in the leaf. The leaves are milled in the traditional way, using stone mills rather than the newer steel mills. Stone gives a better flavour and texture.

Fine matcha deserves fine ceramics. Our matcha bowls are handmade for us by Linda Bloomfield in her Chiswick studio. The material is porcelain, hand thrown, with a soft-textured matt glaze. Each one is made individually and has its own unique character.

A matcha whisk is the essential accessory for a matcha drinker. You develop quite a personal relationship with your whisk and it will greatly improve the quality of your matcha. Our whisks are handmade by Mr Kubo in Nara. His family have been making whisks for 24 generations. The whisk is made from a single piece of naturally grown black bamboo. While there are modern electric frothers out there, the art and beauty of a traditional matcha whisk is unbeatable.