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Matcha Gold

Forget any matcha experience you've had in the past. Our Matcha Gold has been created to bring you the most delicious tasting organic matcha available.

Lalani & Co Matcha Gold is grown on an organic family-run garden in Kagoshima, Japan. Single-origin matcha is hard to find. Most matcha is blended from various gardens.


We decided to make this matcha from a single varietal of tea called saemidori. The tea plants are covered, like you see in the picture, for 3 weeks to increase the L-theanine amino acid in the leaf (responsible for matcha’s mood lift effect).


Organic growing is also very important, so your matcha is free from pesticides.

This is a pure spring season matcha as the highest quality green tea in Japan grows in the spring. High quality matcha should be bright, vibrant, and rich in colour. The powder should be so finely milled that it wafts from the jar like smoke.

Lalani & Co Matcha Gold whisks into a thick froth with ease. The colour is particularly vibrant. On the palate, you can taste the flavour of the craft and varietal. This matcha has nuttiness and cocoa butter hints, while the traditional stone milling gives density to the mouthfeel.