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On Balance Scales

Precision scales will enhance your tea drinking enormously. For the enthusiast and connoisseur alike, they are a highly useful infusion accessory. We wholeheartedly recommend them.
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Well made, craft teas taste best when the correct amount of leaf is used. For small leaf, ordinary teas, a teaspoon is satisfactory. Where the leaves are beautiful, large and tippy, the quantity on each spoonful will vary. Scales ensure you have the precise quantity each time.

These precision scales are accurate to +/-0.1g, with a maximum load of 300g, shown on a backlit display. The lid is detachable and becomes a weighing tray for the leaf.

Each set of scales has a protective pouch, runs on 2AAA batteries (included) and at £11 they’re an excellent value upgrade to bring out the best from your tea collection.