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Shan Lin Xi Oolong 1998

Region: Shan Lin Xi, Taiwan
Producer: Mr Jian
Season: Spring 1998
Batch: 04-1998S (103kg)
A special release of a remarkable, complex 23 year aged oolong. Having sold out of the Winter 1998, we have released the Spring 1998 vintage.

The Garden


Located in Nantou county, Shan Lin Xi is known as one of Taiwan’s premier tea growing areas. The high elevation of around 6,000ft is excellent for producing complex high mountain oolongs.

The Batch


While I was visiting the tea gardens in Taiwan, teas were being selected for entry into the aged tea competition. I joined in the selection, and this batch was astonishing; so I bought some for our collection! The leaves were picked in Winter 1998, from the very desirable Qin Xin tea varietal, which is known for its complexity. It’s been aged in clay since 1998, roasted every 4 years, and packaged in winter 2019. In the image you can see teas being aged in clay.

Tasting Notes


8g per 150ml at 90C for 1 min.

In the picture you can see the tea selection for the competition. Each infusion of this tea has exquisite complexity, length, and balance. Over the years, this tea has developed notes of cocoa, walnuts, leather, and tobacco. You can infuse the leaves 10 times. If you have never tried aged oolongs before, this will change your perceptions of tea forever.


(Note that the label says 6g to 150ml but 8g is our current recommendation)

Storing and Ageing


The Shan Lin Xi 1998 has already been carefully aged for 21 years. Store it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. It should age for another 5 to 10 years if stored well. This is a delicious addition to the tea library of any tea connoisseur.