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Silver Buds 2019

Region: Western Kenya
Producer: L&Co with Kapkoros
Season: Cool Season 2019
Batch: KP19200724 (10kg)
A gentle expression of fruits, berries, and flowers. Enjoy the first vintage of a new white tea, first developed by Lalani & Co with Kangaita estate and now being made at Kapkoros.
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The Producer


Kapkoros sits on the western edge of Kenya, in the Rift Valley province, at an elevation between 1,500ft and 2,100ft. We developed this style of white tea with Kangaita estate a few years ago, and it was a total surprise to us how well it worked at Kapkoros. The key to success seems to be the presence of particular tea varietals which work with this style of processing.

This Batch


A true white tea should be cool-processed. While other teas have a heating process to de-activate the enzymes, true white tea should be kept enzyme-active. The buds for the Silver Buds are picked and sun dried. As the name suggests, we only use the young fresh leaf buds for this tea. The buds are only chosen from a particular varietal, and our process brings out the flavours beautifully. This particular batch is from the high quality 2019 cool season.

Tasting Notes


A subtle symphony of loquats, berries, and forest flowers. The tea starts with a soft mouthfeel, then a gentle fruity acidity comes in, followed by fruits and florals which build on the palate and increase as the tea opens. This tea does not shout. It’s gentle, complex, sophisticated, and self-assured.

Storage and Ageing


As with most genuine white teas, the Silver Buds 2019 will age for many years. We would be confident of at least 5 years, and perhaps up to 10. If you’re into collecting teas, we recommend making use of the case discount by buying a case for your personal tea library and putting a few jars aside to age.