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The Winter White 2013, LaKyrsiew Garden (Meghalaya)

Region: Meghalaya, India
Producer: LaKyrsiew Garden
Season: Winter 2013
Batch: W4 (2kg) (Organic)
A tiny micro-batch of vintage winter-picked white tea. Little fireworks of bright spice, flowers and herbs tickle the palate.

LaKyrsiew is a tiny organic garden in India, producing boutique teas. At the end of the year, when the plant growth is slow, the garden makes a few kilos of white tea for us. This is a vintage batch, picked in 2013. Just 2 kg were made. Of this tea at the start of winter in 2013

The leaves are hand picked. A properly made white tea is ‘active’ and will age slowly over time. The 2013 Winter White is bright, delicate, and complex. There are notes of anise and fennel, light apricot, and berries. We suggest buying one to age for a few years.