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Volcanic Buds 2023

Region: Central Kenya
Producer: L&Co with Kangaita
Season: Dry Season 2023
Batch: 20230117 (2.8kg)
Created by Lalani & Co and Kangaita, the latest vintage of white tea from Central Kenya's volcanic soils. Delicate and delicious.

The Producer


Kangaita estate sits at 6,000ft up in the foothills of Mt Kenya. The ring of soil around this extinct volcano is particularly rich, classified as andisol soil. The terroir is ideal for high quality teas; but the tea market demands that they produce regular black teas at commodity prices. With family connections to Kenya, this land holds a special place in our heart. In 2015, I visited Kangaita and developed a new craft white tea to show the potential of the estate. The results have been exceptional.

This Batch


Leaf selection and care of production are essential. The fresh juicy buds are separated from the leaves in the factory. Each bud is laid out and goes through a specific process of withering and drying. Many ‘white’ teas in the world are quick dried at high temperatures, which technically makes them green teas. Authentic white teas, like this one, are slowly cool-dried to keep the enzymes alive. Unlike other teas, the enzymes are not deactivated.

Tasting Notes


Sweet, berry, flowers, loquats, cakey, gummy sweets, leading to a touch of anise in the finish. This tea is irresistible for white tea drinkers and anyone who enjoys delicate, complex teas.

Storage and Ageing


As with most genuine white teas, and the previous vintages of this tea, the Volcanic Buds will age for many years. We would be confident of a decade. You may wish to buy a case for your personal tea library and put a few of the jars aside to age.