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The Winter White 2012, LaKyrsiew Garden (Meghalaya)

Region: Meghalaya, India
Producer: LaKyrsiew Garden
Season: Winter 2012
Batch: WW12 (4.5kg) (Organic)
A tiny micro-batch of vintage winter-picked white tea. Little fireworks of bright spice, flowers and herbs tickle the palate.

LaKyrsiew is a tiny organic garden in India, producing boutique teas. At the end of the year, when the plant growth is slow, the garden makes a few kilos of white tea for us.

This is a vintage batch, picked in 2012. 4.5kg were made.

The leaves are hand picked. A properly made white tea is ‘active’ and will age slowly over time. 2012 was the finest white tea to date when it was young. It’s ageing exceptionally.

Infuse 4-8g per 150ml water (a teacup/wine glass). Use water at 65C and infuse for 5 mins.


The tea tickles the palate with its bright and delicate notes of spice, light fruit, herbs and flowers. The complexity is remarkable.