The Story of Nitro Matcha

Jameel Lalani talks about the incoming wave of nitro matcha.

Nitro matcha is a creative new way of making matcha, which we’re particularly fond of. It’s no secret that we’re tea purists; taking a stand against the addition of m*lk and $ugar from the very start of Lalani & Co. Of course, fine teas are best enjoyed neat. Nitro charging a matcha gives it a thicker, smoother, and fuller body without adding other ingredients or going to the strength and thickness of a very traditional koicha (double the weight, half the water). As Phil Wain Editor of Caffeine Magazine says, it’s “superseeding the matcha latte”… thankfully.

Lalani & CO: Nitro Matcha at TABxTAB

Having watched the trend for nitro coffee for a while, I’d wondered: What would happed if we nitroed a matcha? Earlier carbonation experiments had proved unseccessful, and made quite a mess! At the same time, we wanted to raise awareness of matcha in it’s traditional style (1.5g 70C 70ml water) before tweaking the method. As summer approached, it looked like the time was right. We started looking for a way to make it easy to serve in a coffee shop.

Then Phil Wain called me up and said they’d been given a hand held nitrogenation device called a Nitro Press to play with. Would I like to try and nitro a matcha? Perfect.

Lalani & Co: Nitro Matcha and Gian Luca's Coffee Cult

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air we breathe. It’s everywhere. Nitrogenating a liquid is similar to carbonating it. The nitrogen gas dissolves in the liquid and creates bubbles. Carbon dioxide makes sparking drinks which have large and sharp bubbles. Nitrogen makes much smaller bubbles, so the drink is full, thick, and velvety.

Update April 2020: Nitro matchas have been growing in popularity in London coffee shops. You can now purchase your own Nitro Press from us here to make nitro drinks and cocktails at home.