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Welcome to the Members of The Diplomatic Cigar Club

Lalani & Co London: Specialists in Single Batch Tea Jameel Lalani

Dear Ambassadors

Welcome to Lalani & Co London where we source, make, and even age teas from family-run gardens across the world. Tea at this level is a drink of the terroir. Everything in the story of a tea, from the soil, seeds, weather, and people, will influence the flavour you taste. You will be familiar with this approach from the world of cigars. Indeed, we are passionate about the craft of leaves and bringing our their mesmerising flavours. I’m sure you’ll greatly enjoy journeying into the world of fine tea.

We have a very personal approach so if you would like advice, from choosing a tea to putting together your own personal tea library (the tea equivalent of a wine cellar), please click here to email us and we will be happy to advise you.

You can also click here to browse our current collection. Remember to use the code DIPLOMATIC for a 10% discount.


Jameel Lalani


Lalani & Co London