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Lalani & Co Subscription Club

Probably the best tea subscription club around. Join in and drink exceptional teas each month at an excellent discount, with guidance from us on infusion methods and tasting notes.
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What’s happening?


The Lalani & Co subscription club is a chance to drink exceptional teas alongside us as the tea harvest progresses through the seasons, and to increase your knowledge of fine tea until you’re talking and drinking tea like a connoisseur.


Each month the Lalani & Co team select a tea, sometimes two teas, or a tea and teaware, to send to you and all the members of the subscription club. Our choices highlight the seasonality of tea, celebrate new releases, and cover educational themes. Each month you’ll receive a package with a total value of between £35 and £65. I’ll also send you the story and information about each tea, my tasting notes, and advice on how to infuse it.


As examples, here are four different ideas of what you might receive in a package:


-A jar of Japanese Gyokuro (£65 value).

-A jar of Darjeeling 2nd Flush, a pouch of cooking matcha and a recipe card (£40 total value).

-A jar of new season Darjeeling 1st Flush 2024 (£55 value).

-A jar of a new Japanese oolong micro-batch (£43 value).


Our goal with the subscription club is to share excellent single-batch teas and lots of knowledge with an enthusiastic group of members at excellent value.



What will I receive?

Leave everything to us and each month the team at Lalani & Co select a tea, or accessories, or both, with a total value of between £35 and £65. I’ll send you the story of the tea, educational information, plus my tasting notes and advice on preparation. As an introductory offer, you’ll also receive a discount code for 30% off Aletheas for the first year while you’re a member.


What does it cost?

The subscription is £29.50 per month including delivery. We’ll bill your card on or around the 2nd of each month and send the package out between the 5th and 7th of the month.


Is postage included?

Yes, UK delivery in included. We’ll send by Royal Mail Tracked 48. At the moment, we’re just offering this subscription membership for UK delivery addresses. You can be abroad as long as we can deliver to a UK address.


Do I need to know anything about tea to join?

Everyone is welcome from the novice to the connoisseur! There’s no prior experience required. The subscription club is delicious and educational. I send information, stories, and tasting notes with each tea so you can learn everything you need to know.


Do I have to join for a minimum time?

Yes, the minimum subscription length is 12 months.


What happens aftet 12 months?

You’ll stay as a member until you cancel. Please provide us with 15 days’ notice if you wish to cancel your membership.


Can I pause it if I’m away?

Yes, you can pause for 1 month each year. Also we might pause the subscription, for example if there are supply chain issues or the weather disrupts the harvest. If that happens, we’ll pause your billing.





Can I choose what I receive?

For the subscription club, you leave it to us. We keep a superb calendar of seasonal deliveries to showcase some of the best teas the gardens have to offer and share our knowledge of tea with you.


What if I don’t like the tea?

There’s a chance that a particular tea might not be to your personal taste but it will always be of excellent quality and hopefully you’ll appreciate every tea from a flavour and gastronomic perspective. The aim of the subscription club is to share our experience of a broad range of teas and experiece the flavours of various different gardens together as the tea seasons progress.


Will I receive the same tea twice?

We don’t send the same batch twice. You might receive two teas from the same garden, for example we might compare a green tea and an oolong tea from the same producer. You might receive two vintages of the same tea, like a Darjeeling 1st flush 2024 this year and then the 1st flush 2025 next year. These vintage and style comparisons are part of the experience.


Can I join for my office or workplace?

Yes, you certainly can. You can subscribe as a private customer or for a company. If you work in hospitality, you and your colleages can take one subscription for your workplace and develop your tea knowledge together.


What happens next?

As you know, we have a personal approach to service. Feel free to email if you have any questions about the subscription club which I haven’t answered here. If you’re decided, add the subscription to your basket. Enter your chosen delivery address at the checkout. You won’t be billed when you checkout today. Your card will be billed on 2nd of each month. I hope you’ll join us as a member.


Jameel Lalani