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Fine Tea Gift Set

The complete gift for someone who loves fine tea, with everything they need to infuse tea expertly. This set comes with one Alethea, precision tea scales, and a tea of your choice. Select the tea from the dropdown menu.

Each set comes with the British-made Alethea infusion vessel, which we designed as a fusion of Eastern and Western teaware, to expertly infuse fine tea.

For perfection, a teaspoon will never beat a set of scales, so we’ve included an On Balance scale to take the guesswork out of how much tea to add.

You can choose any tea from the options menu to include in the gift case, from the gorgeously comforting Assam Malt 2020, to the complex QX 2019, or the ultra-rare A`a Black 2019.

The gift box has a magnetic lid, and is complete with the Lalani & Co wax seal.