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Lalani & Co: Japanese Kyoto Oolong Tea Garden

Kyoto Oolong

The story and tasting notes of a very unusual Japanese oolong.

Lalani & Co London Matcha Tea

All About Matcha

Matcha is wonderful. It has flavour, nutrition, mood effects, and ritual. This is Lalani & Co’s one page guide to becoming a matcha drinker.

Lalani & Co London: Okumidori Kabusecha 2015

Guide to Green Teas

Here is our guide to green teas for January so you can detox with craft luxury teas. 2016 is starting off very well…

Lalani & Co: Curators Coffee

On Location in London

Lalani & Co goes on location to show you the places where you can enjoy fine tea prepared expertly, and the professionals who make it happen.

Lalani & Co: Okumidori Sencha 2014

A Guide to Kabusecha (Shade-Grown Sencha)

Know your Sencha Shade grown Japanese sencha is extraordinary. It’s the green tea of connoisseurs. If you love good food and fine drinks and have yet to try it, you will thoroughly enjoy it. Below is my brief guide to […]


Matcha-Miso Truffle

  The Matcha-Miso Truffle is a state of the art gastronomic collaboration between Jameel Lalani of Lalani & Co and Aneesh Popat: The Chocolatier. The story begins with Jameel wanting to create an iconic matcha chocolate. He decides on the […]

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